The ceiling fell in…..

…well not completely! A little while ago a large section of plaster parted company with the roof at All Saints, Lulliongton and made an horrendous mess just before a wedding. At one point the Director of Music was seen blowing plaster dust off floral pew ends.

An architect’s inspection revealed a number of other areas in the church with the potential to do the same at any time so remedial work is at hand.

Starting on Monday 13 January Jan Kerr Stone Repair and Conservation Services will start to line all the ceilings of the church (apart from the flat ceiling in the tower) to conserve as much of the original Victorian plaster as possible whilst ensuring the safety of our congregations.

Phase one covering the Nave and south Chantry chapel will run from January until March.

Phase two covering the Sanctuary will run from April to May.

The works have been scheduled to avoid any weddings in the church,

During the duration of the works access to the church may be restricted and will be at the Contractor’s discretion to ensure safety of those visiting the church and the workforce.