The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh

More than Half Engage with the Village

We’re delighted at how more than 50% of the village are involved in some way. Thank you all for everything you do. It’s very much appreciated.

  • Community – Chris, Gus, Heather and Mike
  • Choir – Julian, Lizzie, Lorna, Lizzie, and Madelaine
  • Cleaning – Jo and Wendy
  • Churchyards – Alison, Clive, Giles, Nicola, and Sarah.
  • Finances – Jo and Lorna
  • Heritage – Andy, Chris, Gus, Lorna, Mike and Stuart
  • Village Pub – James, Lee, Mike & Sam
  • Flowers – Clare, Deb, Katherine, Lorna, Lizzie
  • Worship – Sarah