The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh

Coming to services

If you are making your ‘qualifying connection’ through regular attendance at our worship you must attend at least monthly, although you are welcome to come more often – we’d be delighted to see you! The law is very precise and there are likely to be problems if you miss a month! If you are marrying by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate then this will help you when you are coming to attend worship.

Service details are on the website or one of our ‘team’ can give you the details. Our Sunday services are normally at 11.00am at Lullington on the first and third Sundays of each month, at Orchardleigh on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and at 4:00pm at Lullington when there is a fifth Sunday. Additionally, when there is a fifth Sunday in the month, please contact us or look on the website to find out at which church within our wider Benefice the service, which is at 10.30am, is taking place, if that isn’t at Lullington or Orchardleigh IT CANNOT be used to create a qualifying connection.

Other services outside the regular Sunday pattern that you might like to come to are the Christmas Eve ‘Lessons & Carols’ (6:00pm at Lullington), Christmas (11.00am Holy Communion at Lullington) and Easter morning (please check which church), other ‘irregular’ services that form part of the parishes round of worship will be on the website, the notice boards and in the free benefice magazine ‘Network’ which is available in the churches (do pick up a copy each month) or online.

Please ‘sign in’ when you come along, indicating your attendance, the ‘register’ is usually on a table in the church porch or outside if the weather is fine!

Many couples have spoken of the benefits of being a member of the worshipping community where they intend to marry, and have also appreciated the opportunity to learn more of the Christian faith which is the ground and reason for a ‘Church Wedding.’

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