The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh

Decorating the church

Download this page as a pdf so you can give a copy to your florist

As the churches are small large arrangements can only be placed in one or two strategic places without disrupting the services.

Many couples have a ‘larger’ arrangement on the altar that is wide but not very deep (the registers are signed on the altar and space needed for that) this can then be taken to the reception to become the ‘top table’ decoration.

If you have pew ends (and they tend not to work very well on chairs) they must be either on plastic clips that don’t mark the wood or tied on with ribbon and bows not knots! Make sure they are ‘stable’, there have been a number of weddings where by the time the bride has reached the front of the church all the pew ends have ‘upended’ themselves! Any sort of adhesive tape must not be used as it damages the pews.

No additional candles or lighting of any sort can be introduced in the floral arrangements or as decoration, we have had some florists in the past who seem to have a very poor grasp of safety and perched candelabra on pillars where they were likely to set fire to everyone at the signing of the registers!

At St Mary’s there is space for a ‘larger’ arrangement on the south window and possibly a ‘compact’ pedestal somewhere (depending on the other arrangements – but often not). The chancel windows are not suitable for floral arrangements as they have candles on them which provide essential lighting. It is possible to place an arrangement on the chancel arch but it must be hung on the fixings provided and removed after the service.

At All Saints there is space for two ‘compact’ pedestals by the chancel arch. The window sills are only suitable for small arrangements apart from the west window which is behind everyone. It is possible to place an arrangement on the porch arch or the lychgate but they must just be hung on the fixings provided and removed after the service.

At either church speak to us first if you are thinking of any sort of ‘external’ decorations as we have to ensure that they are appropriate and safe as it is public space, it it much better to speak to us in advance. We will, and have to, remove any unauthorised decorations that we consider either inappropriate or unsafe.

Currently the churches are not normally left unlocked during the day so you will need to check on access for decorating them.

Removal of floral arrangements: You need to ensure that your ushers have been briefed to collect all the floral arrangements immediately after the service so that the church is left ready for the next service.