The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh


The fees for having your wedding in church fall into three groups:

  • the statutory legal amounts which cover the Minister’s legal role and the Parochial Church Council fee to cover use of the building, lighting the church, administration and your marriage certificate(s)
  • the other church fees for the organist and verger and in the winter months (September – May) a charge for heating the church.
  • the other fees and charges that you incur directly from florists, photographers and others.

The statutory fees are set nationally and change each year, though as they have to go through parliament they usually don’t become available until very late in the year for the next year.

The other church fees are agreed in the parish and usually any changes from year to year are sorted out by September for the next year.

The Weddings Administrator will be able to let you know the current fees and to make and informed guess as to future fees if your wedding is not in the current calendar year.

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