The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh

Legal Options

Banns of Marriage & Marriage Document: One option is to have your intention to marry announced during church services for three Sundays in the three months leading up to your wedding date. This is known as publishing the banns of marriage, and it is a legal requirement in England and Wales for Church of England weddings. You also need to demonstrate a Qualifying Connection with the parish. Unless you satisfy the criteria shown in the image above, you can create one  by attending your chosen church’s usual services at least once a month for six consecutive months. Service details are on the website  Your banns of marriage also need to be read where you live currently A Church Near You. Leave enough time after your attendance for the banns to be read before your wedding too – about another two months should be enough.At your wedding ceremony you, your witnesses and your vicar will sign a Marriage Document.

Common Licence & Marriage Schedule: Alternatively, you can apply to the Somerset Registration Service for a common licence, which allows you to marry in our church without having to publish banns. You will need to prove that you have a Qualifying Connection to the parish or that you have lived in the area for 7 full days – this is termed Residency and you will need to Give Notice of your intention to marry at the Somerset Registration Service on the 8th day. (Notices can only be given on weekdays during office hours. To book an initial appointment at the start of your residency, phone our Registrar’s central booking team on 01823 282 251 , or email The Registrar will explain the documents required.) The Registry Office then displays some of your details within our district of Somerset for 28 days, inviting any legal objections to the marriage and after this period has elapsed and no legal objection raised, they issue a Marriage Schedule for the marriage to go ahead which you, your witnesses and your vicar will sign at your wedding ceremony. For more details visit Somerset Wedding Service

Blessing: If you choose to have a civil ceremony, you can still have a religious blessing in church afterwards.

Marriage Licence: A special licence is another option for those who live abroad. This licence can be obtained from the Bath & Wells Diocese and allows you to marry in church without the need to publish banns or have a legal connection to the parish.

Reading of Banns

Marriage Schedule

Marriage Licence

You can apply for a copy of your Marriage Certificate here Allow 10 days after your marriage.