St. Mary’s Church, Orchardleigh has an absolute maximum capacity of 90 but if you want all your guests to be seated the maximum number is 70.

If you have between 70 and 90 guests the number of chairs used are reduced and an increasing number of guests have to stand.

All Saints’ Lullington has an absolute maximum capacity of 140 all seated, there is no standing space.

If you want to invite more guests than this then do consider whether all guests have to come to the service or whether you might have a more intimate service with family and close friends and a ‘big party’ to celebrate. Some of the most meaningful services have been where there have been just 35-50 family and friends at St Mary’s or 60-70 at All Saint’s.

Seating plans for both churches are in separate documents.

If you want to make any adjustments to the seating arrangements these must be discussed with the Wedding Administrator at a very early stage who will liaise with the Verger, Priest and Director of Music.

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