The Parish of Lullington with Orchardleigh

Orders of Service

Many couples will want to produce a special order of service for their special service, those who use a professional printer should receive advice on the production from them, these notes are designed to help those who are preparing the order themselves.

It is important to remember that as well as looking good the order of service has to be functional and readable – and bear in mind winter weddings in St. Mary’s by candle-light can be delightfully atmospheric but not brilliantly illuminated!

Here are a few pointers:

  • ensure that there is good contrast between the print and background
  • make sure the font size is large enough and not too fussy
  • if you know you have guests coming who have problems with their eyesight produce some large print copies. They don’t have to be identical with the other orders (you can give people both) but they need to be functional

The RNIB has some useful material on their website, accessible from

The names of the churches should appear on the order as:

The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Orchardleigh
The Church of All Saint’s, Lullington

A major issue you need to consider is:


Hymns/Songs in Orders of Service:

Many hymns and songs that are still within the copyright period (70 years after the death of the author) are covered by the church CCLI licence, there is no charge to you for using the church licence. If printed in an Order of Service, each should be followed by the relevant copyright information:

e.g. Fred Smiley, © 2007 Happy Music Ltd.

and the Order of Service should quote:

All songs covered by CCLI have been reproduced under the CCL Licence No. 1406640.

Hymns/songs used have to be included in the church’s annual return to CCLI so that the song writers get paid.

Please check with the organist who is playing for your service.

The hymn that is most often used that is not covered by CCLI (or anyone else) is ‘Morning has broken’. To use this you need to make direct contact with the copyright owners, David Higham Associates, 5-8 Lower John Street, Golden Square, London, W1R 4HA, United Kingdom. Tel: 020 7434 5900 , Fax: 020 7437 1072

Hymns from the Roman Catholic tradition may not be covered by CCLI but may be covered by Calamus. Calamus make no charge for inclusion in wedding orders of service provided the appropriate acknowledgement is given, again please consult the Director of Music.
If you are just putting a reference to a hymn (with the number in our hymn book) in your order then you don’t need to include copyright details.

Other Text:

If you are including poems or other readings in full in your order of service then you will need to check out the copyright situation yourselves, be careful of new editions where editors have revised material as this can create a new copyright even though the original author has been dead for more than 70 years!

Graphic Images:

The originator of a graphic image holds the copyright in the same way as any other artistic creator and the same rules apply if you are including images in your order.

We hope these notes will be helpful.