Parking at services

At Lullington, please do not park on the green or verges, park on the road leading to back towards the gates to the Orchardleigh estate at Gloucester Lodge, there will be signs out. We keep the area near the Green clear for the people who live in the village although it’s fine to drive up to the lychgate to drop people with walking difficulties and then go back to park.

In due course please ensure that photographers and videographers are also aware of this as they are very often decide the rules don’t apply to them! This also applies when you have wedding rehearsals in the church. The grass ‘green’ is private property and does not belong to the church so please ensure no-one parks on it!

At Orchardleigh please park in the area marked ‘Visitor Parking’ but again it’s perfectly alright to drive down to the church to drop people off.

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