Starting to plan your wedding service

Here are a few things you might like to ponder as you start to plan your wedding service, there is much more information on specific things in other documents.

Would you like your local Anglican minister to take the service?

With the permission of the Incumbent or Officiating Minister they can subject to confirmation from the diocese where they minister and our diocese. If you are members of another Christian denomination and would like your minister to give the Address or take part in the service in any way, please contact the Weddings Administrator in the first instance

Number of guests…

The number of guests may help you decide which church is best for your wedding, there is a separate document covering this.

How long is the service?

The service normally lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. However you need to be aware that your guests may well be in the church well before the start time so for their comfort everything needs to be timed carefully.

Do we provide an ‘Order of Service’?

It is normal to provide your guests with an order of service and more details on the practical issues that need to be thought about when preparing an order of service are in a separate document.

The priests have slightly different preferred orders for the service, (and you must discuss the order with the priest taking the service before finalizing anything). This draft running order will be a good starting point:

  • Music as Bride enters
  • Words of 1st hymn
  • THE READING (Give title of reading and if to be read by a friend add their name/s)
  • Address
  • POSSIBLE 2ND READING (Give title of reading and if to be read by a friend add their name/s)
  • (Address if not after first reading)
  • Words of 2nd hymn
  • SIGNING OF THE REGISTERS (Music to be played during the signing)
  • Words of 3rd Hymn if you are having one
  • SIGNING OF THE REGISTERS (alternative position)
  • Music to be played as husband and wife leave the church.

Music and Readings…

It is normal to have two or three hymns for the congregation to sing and one or two readings, one of which should be from the bible. There is a separate document on music to help.

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