Village Trees

You are all invited to attend a village tree planting ceremony to mark the Centenary of the Armistice at the end of the First World War. This will take place on Sunday 16th December at 2 pm. Please gather at the entrance to the driveway leading to Park Farm and bring a mug for a toast in Lullington apple juice – warm and spicey if it needs to be!

The plan is to plant ten trees. There will be seven English oaks + two other trees (TBD) planted in the gaps in the informal avenue between the Park Farm drive and Gloucester Lodge. These new trees will supplement the venerable giants that remain from the early 19th century avenue, the trees that were planted with the permission of Arthur Duckworth in 1982, and one or two younger trees. The land either side of New Road is owned by Ashley Down to the south and James and Vicky Weeks to the north and, with their kind permission, and agreement from Graham Weeks, this new planting will make a historic contribution to the setting and ecology of Lullington for generations to come. The tenth tree, also an English oak, will be planted at the top of the hill leading from the village to Foxholes Wood.

As part of the Lullington Village Community Interest Company, we are setting up a Tree Planting and Maintenance Fund and any donations, large or small, towards the cost of planting and maintenance are welcome.

If anyone would like to sponsor a tree (perhaps in memory of a relative) a contribution of £40 or over will cover the cost of the tree, tree guard, preparation of the ground etc. plus replacement, if necessary, within 5 years. Each sponsor, we hope, will take on responsibility for keeping their tree weeded, and watered in dry weather for the first three years.

A record of the planting and sponsorship will be kept in the Minutes of the Parish Meeting.

For any other information please contact Lullington Parish Meeting